The hands of Mrs. Ottilia Cussolino Terlizzi, who sewed handmade corsets in the 50s, were undoubtedly oblivious to the fact that they were shaping the future of a large company. And this was not all: they were beginning to tell the saga of an icon in the market of lingerie accessories.

A necessity, a source of inspiration... a passion! Dismayed by their mother’s difficulty finding bonings that would provide a satisfactory finishing touch to the article, her sons Miguel, Mário and Claudio decided to manufacture them. And these hands, driven by an intrepid outlook and an entrepreneurial spirit, set up the company Indústria de Artefatos de Metais Terlizzi, in the Brás district of the city of São Paulo, on November 14, 1952.

With their visionary approach, they started to manufacture rings and slides in addition to bonings... There are now dozens of employees whose hands confer quality and beauty upon the components of corsets and brassieres. The company outgrew Brás and the family set up the plant in Mooca, which had as many as three units.

In 1974, they transferred their facilities to Cerquilho/SP, where they still remain, constantly expanding the business.

Terlizzi has proven its vocation for leadership from the very beginning, not only as a result of the continuous search for improvement and innovation, but also due to the owners’ readiness to invest in cutting-edge technology. The first machines used to manufacture hook and eye closures were purchased in Switzerland and arrived in 1957.

Today, more than 60 years after it was founded, Terlizzi’s history is being written by the hands of its more than 250 employees. There are six product lines, an unsurpassable mix to serve customers in Brazil and in 8 other Latin American countries.

With the confidence built on its recognized tradition of excellence, the company is setting a new era in motion – a time for strengthening internal and external relations, driven by the company’s desire to cater for the needs and desires of its customers.


Terlizzi - Artefatos para Lingerie is installed in an area of 27,000 square meters with a sizeable storage and manufacturing structure. Using modern equipment combined with new technologies we produce products of excellent quality to cater for our most demanding customers.



A benchmark brand in Brazil in the production of lingerie accessories.


Our specialist brand in the production of coated metal underwires.